Who says your journey to a healthier, straighter smile can’t be done with style?

Koch Orthodontics offers different colored elastics (also called rings) that are affixed around each bracket (the brackets themselves are not colored). Rings are changed about every four to six weeks, so a patient can create a new “look” with some colorful variety with each orthodontic visit.

Tips for Choosing Colors

The common colors that patients choose for their ligatures include shades of blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple.

Gold, dark blues, orange, green, or purple can complement a darker skin tone. Light blues, dark purples, and dark shades of red or pink can complement a lighter skin tone.

Darker colors can make your teeth appear whiter; lighter colors can give your teeth a yellow tone. Which colors compliment your eyes? What colors coordinate with the clothing that you usually wear?

You can choose to combine colors for your favorite sports team or school organizations. Some patients favor specific color schemes for certain holidays like red and green for Christmas, or red, white, and blue for Independence Day.

The colors on the teeth model in the picture to the right are a tribute to the character “Ariel” from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid!”

Which Colors Should You Avoid?

There are some colors, however,  that you may want to avoid. Black, brown, or dark green may give the impression of food stuck in your teeth and white can possibly make your teeth appear yellow.

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