We stand by the quality of our work and graciously appreciate the time our patients take to share stories of their successful smile recommendations. Below are some testimonials of the hundreds of patients that have came through our doors over the years!

Dr Kochs office was really fun even through the pandemic you get a good feeling and they’ll help however they can, from the receptionist to the main guy dr Koch himself they’re a fun group of individuals and I highly suggest them.


Extremely friendly!!! very warm and non judging place, their work is amazing, they treat their clients like family and make them feel as comfortable as they can be!! overall an amazing place where the people are kind and the work is amazing! i’d recommend to anyone wanting their dream smile!


Dr.Koch did an amazing job! I am so happy with the result of my smile! Dr. Koch’s office also has the nicest staff you will ever meet. Thank you Dr.Koch and staff!


I had a wonderful experience at Dr. Koch’s office. He listened to my concerns, his staff was all very friendly, and even took some time to chat with me about the unique building they work in. Their covid precautions are very thorough and thoughtful. I am an adult patient but as a child I would have loved to have gone to a fun and friendly place like this.


I wouldn’t want any other office! The orthodontist here is extremely gentle and they a really care about your smile. The assistants are very nice and talk you through anything you might be nervous about. I just got my braces off today and I am beyond happy with my results.


Dr.Koch and all of the staff have been extremely kind and treated me very well throughout the 2 years I have been with them.

Dr.Koch has done an amazing job making my teeth straight and I am very thankful. If you need braces, Dr.Koch is the orthodontist to go to.


I was unconventional getting braces at 57 years of age but extremely glad I did it. Dr. Koch and his staff made the experience easy. They explained each phase in detail and were always available if I had any problems. The facility is very welcoming and very clean. My three daughters also had braces when they were young. Thanks to Dr. Koch, my daughters and I all have beautiful smiles today.


This orthodontist office turned my teeth from wonky to wonderful within two years. The staff here is very nice and welcoming and they do a great job on your teeth.


Within two years, my teeth went from sticking out every which way to sitting perfectly in my mouth. The staff here is funny, mindful, and kind. Great place!


Dr. Koch’s ortho practice has always gone out of their way to make sure me and many other patients are comfortable and happy with their service. The process of my braces took time, but it was worth it and I couldn’t have chose a better place to go to.


All of the doctors are wonderful here and would definitely recommend coming here. Very family friendly and they get the job done!


I owe a big thanks to Dr. Koch’s office for always being so accommodating and helpful!

They have always taken their time with me for every appointment while being efficient for all patients. Thank you for bringing back my smile!


Coming to this place as a child was very scary but from my first visit I always felt very welcome.

The staff here is amazing. They’re the kindest people imaginable. My teeth have turned form being all wonky to being perfect thanks to Dr. Koch.


I’ve had braces for 1.5 years and it’s been the easiest process to making my teeth perfect. Dr. Koch and the very nice staff are always the best part of coming. highly recommend to people of all ages needing orthodontic care!!


I am so happy with the results of the orthodontic work Dr. Koch provided my daughter. He did a great job on my teeth and smile 20 years ago so another job well done! Thank you Dr. Koch!!


Excellent care! Workers truly care how you are doing and talk with you to make sure you have a good stay when you are there.

They work around your schedule to make sure everything fits well with you! Highly recommend coming here!


 The staff was very kind and welcoming, and were very flexible with appointments!


I loved getting my braces done here! Everyone is super nice!


Coming here for my braces has been a blast! Every time I come, everyone is so nice and respectful! There’s also activities to win prizes or gift cards.


Everyone at Koch Orthodontics has always been very kind and willing to help with any issues I had with my braces.


The staff are all very friendly and always make you feel welcome.


Koch Orthodontics is phenomenal! Very gentle, and understanding. Highly recommend!


I was nervous going in as an adult patient but quickly learned that I was not the only one and everyone is welcome. I just finished my treatment and could not be happier! Thank you Dr Koch and team, you are the best around!


Very happy with how my braces went they where fast and I could change my appointments without any problems.


(The staff) have taken really good care of me and my teeth. I am excited; After these 2 long years, I finally get my braces off. My teeth used to be a mess – and now they are perfect!

Sam M.

After the two years i’ve been here it’s been a really nice place. All of the assistants are very nice and gentle and sweet, they always will let you know what there doing so you know.

My teeth went from not being perfect and hating my teeth and smile to my teeth being perfect and loving my teeth and smile! everybody is so friendly it makes you feel at home.

It is a very good place and i would definitely recommend getting your braces on here!!


Dr. Koch is awesome! All the staff are super nice! There is always contests going on! Overall Koch Orthodontics is the best orthodontist around!


Great results and incredible staff. Every visit was a pleasure and everyone was very friendly.


I have been coming here for two years. When you walk in the office door you have staff greet you at the front desk and talk to you, they have refreshments for visitors, or the patients. They give you gift bags at the beginning of your journey with anything you might need throughout having braces. The office also does many give aways and does fun activities to help you win a prize.

Today is the day I get my braces off and I am so excited. I’ve had my braces on for 2 years and the journey has been great. My teeth were very different from what they look like now and the results are truly outstanding. It’s amazing how much braces and the journey of them can change your teeth and even your life.

The staff here at Dr. Koch’s office is amazing. They are so very polite and welcome anyone and everyone to their office.


Dr. Koch has always been so nice, caring, and helpful. I really enjoyed coming here for my braces. They all do an amazing job here, and I couldn’t be happier with how my teeth look now! Thank you!


I had a very good experience with Dr.Koch and his team, and am now very happy with my smile!


Everyone at Dr. Koch’s office has been so nice the two years I have been coming here and my teeth look great! I would recommend Dr. Koch’s to anyone looking to get braces.


Everyone here was so nice and welcoming! It was a great experience and my teeth look great!


Everyone is really nice. They always ask about your day or week. When I got my braces on, they were super nice and talked me through everything!


Great people, thank you!


I wasn’t happy with my smile and decided to go through with invisalign. I had the best experience with Dr. Koch and his staff. Im so happy I went through with this process & this was the best place to do it.


I have been going to Koch Orthodontist since I got my braces on in 2021. The staff has always been incredibly friendly and accommodating. Dr. Koch was able to take my braces off so I could have a new smile before college.


The employees have been very great and helpful. Always joking around, getting to know me!


Very helpful and kind.


The people there were so nice and saved me and my parents a lot of money when figuring out (my treatment options).


Very kind staff and very patient. Always helped me and answered my questions, and very officient.


I had a very good experience at Dr. Koch’s office. The staff is great and very friendly. Also they worked around my schedule easily and worked hard to fit my needs.


Amazing! The people were so nice and the experience was great! They told me everything that was going on and it made my braces experience enjoyable! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs or wants braces!


I had braces when I was younger and needed some adjustments. I went with Invisalign, very happy with my results. Always on time and very friendly. My smile looks great ! Thanks to Dr Koch and staff.


I used to be very insecure about my teeth, but now that i have braces, and with the help and the hard work they all have put in, i feel so much better about myself. They were never too rough on my teeth, have always been very cautious, and never rushed with my teeth.

I’m very proud, and they have done an amazing job! I’m very happy with the outcome!


I love how kind and caring the people are and that they know exactly what they are doing. Everyone is super gently when they are working.


I had a wonderful experience at Dr Koch’s office, they have a friendly and kind team at the office. They always make sure all patients are satisfied and happy with their work. I would overall recommend them, they are great!


Very friendly, professional staff, definitely made the whole process of braces treatment as easy as possible!


Every time I went in I was welcomed like family. Everyone in the office is so kind and happy, they really make you feel comfortable no matter what.


The staff are amazing and do a great job!


Great people always nice and respectful definitely recommend!


It’s wonderful here, all the people are great and very welcoming. Great experience here!


I had a great experience at Koch Orthodontics. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get braces!


(Koch Orthodontics) were always nice when I came in, joyful and made the environment great. Along with very considerate of what I wanted.


Everyone is very kind, they have cool decorations and fun challenges to make it fun coming here!


(The) team is amazing and now I feel so much more confident when I smile!


Unfortunately my wife and I didn’t pick Dr. Koch, but wish we did.

Our son had an issue with a bracket in his braces that broke off and the Ortho office my son goes to is not open on Fridays and if there is an emergency, they tell you to go to your Primary Care doctor or the E.R.

I made a call to Dr. Koch’s office, explained the situation that my son was in high discomfort because of this and couldn’t make it through the weekend.

The office staff was then able to find an opening and get him in to take care of it, and Dr. Koch called me personally after he did the work! This staff was pleasant to deal with and very patient. Also, he does have a number to call after-hours in the event of an emergency, with no E.R. or PCP visit necessary.

If you’re looking for an Orthodontics office in Geneseo that has good office hours and after-hours emergency care, pick Dr. Koch!


Dr Koch and his staff have been simply amazing during my braces journey. They make you feel comfortable, very informative and do amazing work!! I can’t thank them enough for helping me get the perfect smile I have always wanted!


Absolutely love the staff and Dr. Koch!! My teeth look so good and they are very accommodating with appointments. I was able to make my appointment just today to squeeze in and get my braces off and couldn’t be happier!


Very happy with the my results. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. I am very glad my parents have chosen this orthodontist for me, and recommend this orthodontist to everyone.


Everyone is always nice and bubbly, and I love the results of my teeth!


Very friendly environment and people, Dr.Koch and his office are awesome, everyone is very respectful.


Both my daughter and son had braces through Dr. Koch’s office. What a fantastic job they did! We were very happy throughout the whole experience. Dr. Koch is an excellent orthodontist.

His staff is wonderful too, especially Tamara. She always answered the phone or greeted us with the biggest smile and kindness that I haven’t really experienced anywhere else in a medical office. She is truly one of a kind. I would highly recommend going to Dr. Koch for any orthodontia work.


(Koch Orthodontics) did awesome! I came in every 6 weeks and they told me what I needed to do and I did what they told me to. Then I got (my braces) off. I love how my smile turned out!



Dr.Koch and his staff have made my time in braces a breeze. My two years coming here have always been a great time. They have always made me laugh and could always turn a bad day into a good day.



I loved meeting all the workers, everyone was so nice! I loved how everyone asked about my day and talked to me throughout the appointment. Definitely recommend!



 I am very thankful I went through this orthodontist and that my friends and family suggested it. I’m very happy they got everything done that I needed for a perfect smile.



Dr. Koch is an amazing truly talented man. My experience here has been absolutely amazing. It was a long 2 years with braces, now today I am happy to get them off. They have been nothing but super generous and gentle to me.

They’ve made my experience amazing. The employees here are so kindhearted and make me so happy to come here. Some of the new employees worked on me a couple times before in training, they were gentle and hard working, they can hold conversation and that is the most important thing to me. I think this place is the best out of any other I have heard, seen, and been to. Five stars for sure!



Very nice people! They did great on my braces and I am very appreciative for everyone here.



The people here have been nothing but nice and helpful through my time here. They have made getting braces very easy. I am grateful for the work they have done.