Dr Kochs office was really fun even through the pandemic you get a good feeling and they’ll help however they can, from the receptionist to the main guy dr Koch himself they’re a fun group of individuals and I highly suggest them.


Extremely friendly!!! very warm and non judging place, their work is amazing, they treat their clients like family and make them feel as comfortable as they can be!! overall an amazing place where the people are kind and the work is amazing! i’d recommend to anyone wanting their dream smile!


Dr.Koch did an amazing job! I am so happy with the result of my smile! Dr. Koch’s office also has the nicest staff you will ever meet. Thank you Dr.Koch and staff!


I had a wonderful experience at Dr. Koch’s office. He listened to my concerns, his staff was all very friendly, and even took some time to chat with me about the unique building they work in. Their covid precautions are very thorough and thoughtful. I am an adult patient but as a child I would have loved to have gone to a fun and friendly place like this.


I wouldn’t want any other office! The orthodontist here is extremely gentle and they a really care about your smile. The assistants are very nice and talk you through anything you might be nervous about. I just got my braces off today and I am beyond happy with my results.


Dr.Koch and all of faculty have been extremely kind and treated me very well throughout the 2 years I have been with them. Dr.Koch has done a amazing job making my teeth straight and I am very thankful. If you need braces Dr.Koch is the ortho doctor to go to.


I was unconventional getting braces at 57 years of age but extremely glad I did it. Dr. Koch and his staff made the experience easy. They explained each phase in detail and were always available if I had any problems. The facility is very welcoming and very clean. My three daughters also had braces when they were young. Thanks to Dr. Koch, my daughters and I all have beautiful smiles today.


This orthodontist office turned my teeth from wonky to wonderful within two years. The staff here is very nice and welcoming and they do a great job on your teeth.


Within two years, my teeth went from sticking out every which way to sitting perfectly in my mouth. The staff here is funny, mindful, and kind. Great place!


Dr. Koch’s ortho practice has always gone out of their way to make sure me and many other patients are comfortable and happy with their service. The process of my braces took time, but it was worth it and I couldn’t have chose a better place to go to.


After the two years i’ve been here it’s been a really nice place. All of the assistants are very nice and gentle and sweet, they always will let you know what there doing so you know.

My teeth went from not being perfect and hating my teeth and smile to my teeth being perfect and loving my teeth and smile! everybody is so friendly it makes you feel at home.

It is a very good place and i would definitely recommend getting your braces on here!!


Dr. Koch is awesome! All the staff are super nice! There is always contests going on! Overall Koch Orthodontics is the best orthodontist around!


Very kind staff and very patient. Always helped me and answered my questions, and very officient.


I had a very good experience at Dr. Koch’s office. The staff is great and very friendly. Also they worked around my schedule easily and worked hard to fit my needs.


Amazing! The people were so nice and the experience was great! They told me everything that was going on and it made my braces experience enjoyable! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs or wants braces!


Dr Koch and his staff have been simply amazing during my braces journey. They make you feel comfortable, very informative and do amazing work!! I can’t thank them enough for helping me get the perfect smile I have always wanted!


Absolutely love the staff and Dr. Koch!! My teeth look so good and they are very accommodating with appointments. I was able to make my appointment just today to squeeze in and get my braces off and couldn’t be happier!