You may feel as though social distancing guidelines make it complicated to have your orthodontic questions answered. However, we are still available for our established and new patients. We are answering our phones and helping patents with questions and emergencies. Also, with an orthodontic virtual consultation with Koch Orthodontics, you can obtain answers about the potential need for treatment or any ongoing questions about your current treatment plan.

What Is an Orthodontic Virtual Consultation?

A virtual smile assessment allows the professional staff at Koch Orthodontics to give you an estimate on how long treatment might take and how much it might cost. Also, this smile assessment will let Dr. Koch tell you if you are the right candidate for Invisalign, or if a different treatment option, such as braces, is better for your unique needs.


Take and sending in the pictures are easy. The images are uploaded through our virtual consult page. However, if you prefer, you may email your photos.

The first step is to have a friend or family member to help you. Ideally, you will use a smartphone or a digital camera to capture the photographs. You will want to use either your fingers or a set of spoons to pull your cheeks and lips away from your teeth. There are six close-up photos in total, and our virtual consult page has pictures and descriptions to guide you.

Why Koch Orthodontics?

These are unprecedented times, and our goal at Koch Orthodontics is to ensure our patients receive high-quality care no matter what. We help our patients achieve beautiful smiles with the use of traditional braces, Invisalign for adults and teens, and clear braces for those who want a lower profile than metal braces.

The Team at Koch Orthodontics Can Help You Achieve Your Dream Smile

Dr. Koch and the team at Koch Orthodontics are ready to help you with your orthodontic needs. We currently provide care by virtual consultation in Geneseo, Henrietta, Rochester, Finger Lakes, Dansville, and Caledonia. Contact Koch Orthodontics for your orthodontic virtual consultation.  We can answer any other questions about your orthodontic care.