We want you – our orthodontic patient – and your family to feel confident in trusting us to help you achieve the healthy smile you deserve.

As with any medical or dental procedure, you may have questions or feel anxious. We “get” it, we understand it, and we want to help. Open communication is a priority!

Undergoing orthodontic treatment is a team effort, and we want to make sure every player on the team feels at ease during all stages of the treatment.

Let’s take a look at some common perceptions, misconceptions, stigmas and concerns of “getting braces” and how Koch Orthodontics goes above and beyond to make the patient experience an exceptional one!

Addressing Stereotypes And Misconceptions about Oral Health Care

One major assumption that leaves people of all ages leery of heading to the chair for any oral care procedure is that the procedure will be painful.

Given what the procedure of applying braces to a person’s teeth entails, it is considerably less invasive compared to many dental procedures, both routine and specialized. Nothing is being removed, nothing is being cut into.

Orthodontics patients may have different thresholds of discomfort or “feeling a strange sensation,” both when braces are applied to the teeth, and as they get used to life with wearing them.

Fortunately, your mouth will adjust to the new sensation of braces in a short time. After a while, it may be hard to remember being without braces! During your initial consultation at Koch Orthodontics, we do everything we can to alieve the concerns of the patient and any family members.

What Makes Young Orthodontic Patients (Tween and Teen-age) Anxious?


The “anticipation of pain” takes the lead of concerns for young patients who are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Again, we reiterate that the procedure is not overly painful. A typical “pain reliever” post-application is Tylenol or Advil. 

The entire staff at Koch Orthodontics makes alleviating the concerns of young patients (and their parents or guardians) a top priority. We strive to create a warm, welcoming environment where we’re creating a team with the end goal of giving you a straight, healthy, beautiful smile!

How Parents Can Help Ease a Child’s Anxiety During Treatments

Parents and guardians play a huge role as part of the treatment team. As with any new experience within adolescence, your child will look to you for assurance, approval and counsel.

Make it clear to them that going through orthodontic treatment is important, and that once the braces are removed, not only will the child’s mouth and teeth be healthier, they will feel a deserved pride for the hard work they contributed. A self-esteem booster is a crucial way to combat feelings of anxiousness. The confidence of a beautiful smile is a joy to see!

Regarding any initial feelings of discomfort, pressure or soreness, let your child know that their mouth will “adjust” to the placed appliances, and that any strange or unpleasant feelings should subside in a day or two.

Remember that oral hygiene and adhering to food guidelines is imperative during treatment – be a role model here. Children, even as they age into their teen years, will pattern their behavior on yours.

Make sure you are brushing and flossing thoroughly and daily. Recognize and give praise when your child is maintaining their treatment and appliances as directed. Enjoy “softer” “braces-friendly” foods with your child, especially snacks … it will send a message they’re not navigating the treatment process alone!

Additionally, we recommend the use of a Waterpik to assist with flossing during orthodontic treatment. It is great for others in the household to use, as well!

What Makes The Parents of Orthodontic Patients Anxious?

Our practice receives many questions about treatment costs from parents, and understandably so! We believe cost should never be a deterrent to anyone aiming to achieve a healthy smile. With insurance and health savings plans, as well as our convenient, interest-free monthly payment options, Koch Orthodontics truly makes every effort to work within your financial means. During a patient’s initial consultation, all costs and payment plan options are provided and discussed.

What Makes Adult Orthodontic Patients Anxious?

We understand that adult patients may also feel apprehensive about undergoing orthodontic treatment. 

A survey of our “older” patients – late teens, college-aged, and working professionals – show the most common concern is how they’ll look wearing braces. While it’s becoming more and more common (with a reduction in stigma) to see adults wearing braces, we recognize why that apprehension exists.

Our treatment suite includes many treatment options that are more discreet than traditional metal braces. You may be a candidate for clear ceramic brackets, or removable Invisalign aligner trays. Invisalign not only provide a “barely there” look, but can be taken out when you eat or drink, so – enjoy your brunch, lunch or dinner date worry-free!

It’s important to note that while older patients may initially feel wary about the appearence of braces on their teeth, we see confidence and sense of self image improve significantly during treatment, even in the early stages. Nothing beats the pride in knowing you are putting in the work to achieve the goal of a healthy, straight, beautiful smile!

What Concerns You About Orthodontic Treatment? Let us know!

We aim to be your resource and partner about making confident decisions about your oral health. If you have any questions about what orthodontic treatment entails or what life with braces is like, contact our office. Our “Frequently Asked Questions” page is also a phenomenal resource, and our Testimonials page features lots of kind, positive words from former patients of all ages.

Remember, while it is normal to feel nervous, the end results and the investment YOU are making for yourself make the orthodontic treatment experience worthwhile.

If you feel you or a family member may benefit from orthodontic treatment, contact Koch Orthodontics today. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for an inside look at who we are, and what we do!