The Covid 19 pandemic has hit every industry around the globe. Unfortunately, some people took the hit harder than most. Some people lost their jobs or homes, and their lives have changed completely. Everybody is doing everything they can to cope with the current situation, but one sentiment is the main driver behind the current change, and that is fear.

What you would normally do in your daily life is now restricted to the bare essentials. If you used to go to the supermarket or grocery store for supplies, you now almost completely rely on deliveries. Schools give way to online classes, and business meetings are now done remotely. Similarly, Dentistry had to evolve, and so we bring you a brief of the changes to orthodontics after Covid 19.

Why the change?

Clinics and hospitals are full of sick people. It is only natural that you would fear going to your orthodontist at a time like this. From this perspective, most orthodontic practices have had to make changes to their systems, all in an effort to keep you and your family as safe as possible.

What changes could we expect to orthodontics after Covid 19?

While no actual changes to the technicalities of orthodontic treatment were made, several changes were made to the way most orthodontists run their practices, including:

  1. Social Distancing:

    We are still understanding this virus, but social distancing has proved very effective. Orthodontists have always been known for their strict appointments, and now they are stricter than ever. We schedule our appointments at exact times, and give enough space between visits to make sure you mix with as few people as possible. We expect you to keep a close eye on the clock when you’re scheduled for a visit.

  2. Virtual Consultation:

    Everyone runs meetings online these days, so naturally we had to do the same. Orthodontic visits are different from regular dental appointments as most are about check-ups, follow ups and minor tweaks. In these troubling times, it is much safer to schedule an online consultation to check on your progress, and have you come to the practice when it is absolutely necessary.

  3. Patient Protection:

    We already have your best interest and your health at heart, but now we are just picky about it. Not only do we sanitize the place between every visit, but we added a few items as well. Protective gowns, eye goggles and masks are a must. Hand sanitizers are available at every corner. We even filter the air !
    This protection also extends to the doctors, since their health ultimately affects your own.

  4. Infection control protocols:

    Orthodontists are meticulous for details, so expect that attention to be focused on infection control. We know sanitize and sterilize everything with a vengeance, sometimes more than once, just to be sure. You will literally be in the safest place possible when you come for a visit.

It is safe to say that the world of orthodontics and braces have changed completely. What you would have never thought was possible is now not only possible, but quite necessary.